belated birthday tribute

Yesterday was Husband’s birthday and I wanted to post this then, but we were pretty busy getting him enrolled for the upcoming semester.  So, I’m doing this belatedly.  Believe me when I say this, I always try my hardest to give credit where credit is due, but I want to use today’s blog post to focus on some truly wonderful qualities my husband possesses that just don’t get enough recognition.  They are as follows in a top ten list:

Top Ten Reasons Why My Husband Rocks

10.  Husband is an all around good guy.  I know that sounds pretty vague, but let me ellaborate.  He and I were returning home from a grocery shopping trip a couple of weeks ago when we saw a car pulled over onto the shoulder of the road and a woman walking away from the car.  It had just started really raining and Husband couldn’t stand the idea of the woman walking in the rain, so he turned around and headed back to see if she needed assistance.  It turned out something had blown out of her car window and she was looking for it with two other people who were riding with her.  They thanked us for trying to help and we drove off.  If they had needed help, James would have done it.  He is just that kind of guy.

9.  As it says in #10, Husband goes shopping with me.  I can’t begin to tell you all how much I hate grocery shopping.  It is so much better when he comes along.

8.  He’s handy with the cars and other mechanical and technical contraptions.  This is really helpful, because I am none of those things.  If the car stopped working, I’d be screwed if it weren’t for Husband.  This also applies to our computers, internet, dvd players, Joel’s IPad, cell phones, and even some of the more basic things that go hand-in-hand with the blog.  When it comes to these things, I am the human equivalent of a sea sponge.  It’s really pathetic.

7.  Not afraid to get his hands dirty.  We deal with a lot of gross stuff in our house with three children and a dog, and James is not the squeamish type.  He changes pull-ups, cleans up after intestinal/stomach upset, you name it.  A lot of this is due to his medical experience.  As a Surgical Technician, he is pretty used to any and everything the human body can throw at you.  He’s seen some pretty icky things and it takes a lot to really make him weak in the knees.

6.  Eye candy factor.  Oh yeah, it has to be said, the man is pretty attractive.

5.  He is a veteran of the United States Navy.  I’m pretty proud of this factor.  He served eight years in service of our nation and I will always be very greatful to him and all other service men and women who have also served.  THANK YOU!!

4.  Great father.  Together, he and I are raising three wonderful children, but he is not Maya’s biological father.  Maya is the product of a my first marriage and her biological father has not been in her life since the divorce.  James has been a permanent figure in her life since she was four years old and he has never referred to her as his stepdaughter or her as Will and Joel’s half-sister.  As far as he, Maya and I are concerned, he is her Dad and we are all very happy with this arrangement.

3.  Hard-working.  As I sit here writing this, Husband is at work where he will be until 11:00 tonight.  He will then work a 12 hour shift tomorrow and then again on Sunday.  When he isn’t working during the week, he is a full-time student working toward his Bachelors degree in Computer Science.   I could not be more proud of his efforts and thankful for the time he spends making sure our family is taken care of.

2.  Trust-worthy.  James is just one of those people you can rely on.  He doesn’t spend all hours of the night out with his buddies drinking and partying.  He prefers a nice quiet night home with me and the kiddos where we can have family movie night or maybe play his video games.  If he does go out, I’m usually with him or he takes one or all of the kids to hang out.

1.  He puts up with my crap.  And, believe me, there is a lot of it.  I’m obnoxious, weird, socially inept and I hate to go grocery shopping alone.  It takes a person with a lot of patience and inner strength to deal with me.  So, I am greatful that he has found it worth his while to stick it out with me all these years.

So, Husband, listen up.  Thank you for being so wonderful.  I love you and appreciate all you do.  To show you just how much I mean this, I drew you a picture; a work of art worthy of placement in the Louvre if everyone were somehow rendered blind because of an unexpected disaster.  Happy Birthday!!