A Rather “Weighty” Topic

Look at me getting “punny” this morning.  Yep, I’m a dork.  If you think that was an embarrasing attempt at humor, please, keep reading.

This morning, I was standing in the kitchen with Husband and Maya making a cup of coffee (for the record, the Keurig thing is still MIA.)  when Joel came running into the kitchen mildly distressed.  We comforted him briefly, then he ran back to the living room and got quiet again.  I finished making my cup and wandered into the living room to make sure he was okay.  This is what I saw:

I made Husband and Maya come look.  We “oohed and awwed” his adorableness and then I announced I would be researching weighted blankets today.  Fun Fun.

First, I looked into purchasing one.  I found one website with some great information.  Actually, just looking at this site made me realize that this isn’t as simple as picking out a new toaster.  I also realized it is a lot more costly than a new toaster as well.  They do have some information about insurance, but unfortunately, my brain turns into pure mush when I read about topics like insurance, or real estate, or investment banking, etc.  I have thus relegated the insurance stuff to Husband whose brain is way less “mushy” in that regard.  (I’ll inform him as soon as he gets home, haha.)

Then I figured, “Hey, I’m pretty smart.  I can make a weighted blanket!”  So, I googled How to make a weighted blanket and found this really great blog with directions.  Of course, I actually read the directions and looked at the photos and came to my senses.  Seriously, I can barely even thread a needle.  I don’t even own a sewing machine.  I took Home Ec WAY back in the day and everyday class was over I was just thrilled I hadn’t set my little cooking station on fire or sewn my fingers together.  I have gotten better in the kitchen, but sewing and I have never reconciled our differences.

So, I’m back to the original idea of buying a weighted blanket or possibly having one made by an actual sewing professional.  I still need to measure Joel by size (wish me luck getting him to hold still while I pull out the tape measure!) and figure out how much weight is just right to make him comfortable.  I’m thinking we should probably also talk it over with his OT and get her opinion.  She did try a weighted vest on him during the school year, but he didn’t seem to like it.  He does, however, love blankets and being wrapped up in them, sometimes.  If anyone reading this has any experience with weighted blankets, I would appreciate your insight into them.