Wordless Wednesday:Joel and Jack

I love to observe how Joel interacts with our dog, Jack.  Most of the time, Jack is just another “being” in the room to Joel and receives very little attention from him.  But, every now and then, Joel takes notice of Jack’s presence and anything can happen.  Jack is such a glutton for affection that he takes whatever attention he can get.  Fortunately for Joel, Jack is also extremely patient with him.

Here is Joel attempting to “ride” Jack like a trusty steed.  The indignities of doghood!

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  1. My son has become more aware of our dog over the summer. He will actually stop and look at him, and he has actually tried to pet him a few times. His favorite thing, however, is looking in the dog’s mouth. The fascination started with looking in Mommy & Daddy’s mouth and has now extended to the dog. The dog has been tolerant so far.

    • Joel hasn’t developed an interest in the dog’s mouth (yet). He really gets interested in Jack’s eyes though. He will point at them and try to touch them. It gets me excited that he is starting to notice the importance of eyes in general.

  2. Heh. I think it’s a rule that kids must try to ride their dog and play horse, at some part in their growing up. Our son won’t go near a dog on his own, but he will sometimes recognize out cat, and attempt to pet her while saying “Good cat.”

    • It definitely is too tempting to not try riding four-legged pets. 🙂 Joel has definitely made progress in relation to his interaction with our pets. He used to have to work up his courage to touch the cat, and even then it was just to touch the very ends of his fur. Now, he likes to pull out teeny little tufts of Jack’s fur and watch it fall to the ground. I’ve been showing him how to pet Jack softly from the top of his head down to his back. I think Jack prefers this treatment over gradual hair removal.

  3. My little brother used to lay on and try to ride on our dog too. Good thing he was a calm and easy going Border Collie! 🙂


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