I’m the George W. Bush of Facebook

Remember when I said “mission accomplished” earlier.  Yeah, well, famous freaking last words.  Is it just me or is Facebook tricky?  It’s probably just me.  It’s not like I’m completely new to it, but for some reason, I’m struggling.  Here is a drawing I did just now documenting me at a low point this evening.

I would have had Maya draw this, but she’s in bed asleep.  On top of my failure on the interwebs, Joel was especially moody today.  There were meltdowns and crying jags and just general unhappiness.  I’m hoping tomorrow will turn out a little bit brighter.  I’m hopeful, if not completely optimistic.

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  1. Kristina Jones

     /  July 14, 2012

    Hehe, you crack me up with the title. Sorry you had a bad day, Im sure the next was so much better. I can imagine it is very trying for you to keep up with everything going on.


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