playing with knives

It is only just past 10:00 this morning and we have already narrowly avoided serious injury when Joel grabbed two sharp knives from the knife holding device that is normally locked away in a cabinet that was accidently left unlocked, RAN with them to his room and then “played keep away” with us as we risked limbs and eye balls trying to get them from him.  This is what happens when we relax for 20 minutes.  All we need now is a giant elephant and a clown car and we will be able to sell tickets to our own personal circus.  I can almost hear the calliope music and smell the intermingling odors of popcorn and large animal crap.

Is this going to be a fun day or what?

Edit: I thought I might add a little drawing to illustrate the scariness of the situation.  Of course, I’m not quite sure which is worse, Joel running with knives or me trying to illustrate the scene.  Judge for yourself:

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