epic amounts of badness at art

I decided this morning that I would create a facebook page to attach to this blog.  It sounded way easier than I thought it would be.  Lucky for me, I have emotional and technical support from husband.  The sad thing is that I may also have to resort to my 14-year-old child for art help.  I’m trying to figure out what our profile pic will be for the facebook page and decided to try designing my own.  So I opened up the standard issue paint program and got to work and made this very embarrassing attempt at art:

It’s pretty bad, I know.   But, never you fear, I don’t give up that easily.  I’ll come up with something passable at the very least.  I can’t say that I’ll have the facebook page up and running today, but maybe tomorrow we’ll see something?  I’d cross my fingers, but then typing would be restricted.  Anyway, enough goofing around.  Back to work I go.

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