let the games begin

Just in case not everyone has heard, there is a campaign going on to have Pole Dancing as an Olympic sport.  Now, I’m going to forgo giving my opinion on that particular idea as I feel I have already been pretty preachy today and focus this blog post on what I believe to be a way better idea: Keep Away as an Olympic sport.

I came upon this flash of pure genius this morning when Joel grabbed something (in this instance, a drawing his big sister was working on) and made his crazy dash toward his room so that he could do with it whatever he pleased which would have most likely been tearing it to pieces and putting said pieces into carefully structured piles.  Maya jumped up and caught him outside of his bedroom door, but it took quite a struggle to get the paper back from him becuase the little gimp is a savant when it comes to playing keep away.   He has this whole technique down where he extends his arm out and waves it around so that you JUST.CANNOT.GRAB.IT. and just when you are about to completely give up and say,”oh just keep the darn thing!” he throws it as far away from you as he can and moves on leaving you standing there feeling totally played and completely useless as an adult.

As I was standing there watching this play out between him and Maya, I really looked at him in action and realized the stamina, timing and grace required for what he was doing.  Was it annoying?  Hell yeah!  But it was also beautiful like some kind of interpretive dance.  He was alive with a passion and exuberance I haven’t felt about stolen items…ever.  Joel really lives his life.  He explores all opportunities he can (that we will allow) and does so without shame or embarrassment.  Anyway, I’m digressing.

Could this be a viable option for the Olympics?  I think so.  I’m thinking it would be a timed sport similar to bull-riding where the goal is to stay on the bull as long as possible only in this case, the goal is to keep your opponent from taking away the “item” as long as possible.  Either way, if this did come about, I could definitely see a gold medal in Joel’s future.

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