i miss coffee. sad post.

Here’s the problem.  I want coffee with my toast, but we can’t find the little cup that holds our reusable filter for our Keurig coffee maker.  I don’t want to blame Joel, but it was probably Joel who took it.  He has this compulsive behavior that causes him to grab things at random (or what seems random to us neurotypicals in the house) and runs away with it as quickly as his little legs will carry him before anyone can take whatever it was away.  After that, who knows.  It could be anywhere at this point.  I washed it a couple of nights ago and left it in the dish drainer next to the sink.  In the morning, when I went to make some coffee, it was gone.  The filter and the lid was there, however.  So, no coffee for me until that little sucker is found.

Until then, looks like I’ll be having tea for breakfast.

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